Fundamentally Confused (blog post)

"I fundamentally don't understand this." This was recently said to me by a
bootcamp student. They were wondering where all these methods came from
that they could magically call without first defining them. Although I'm
sure I had the same despairing thought during my own coding bootcamp
(completely allowed since I'm a recovering perfectionist), I was
surprised. Imagine thinking you're expected to have a good grasp of how
a programming language works after FOUR CLASSES, when you haven't ever
studied a programming language in your life. That's wild! You're not
fundamentally confused, you just need time and experience.
Picture yourself trying to learn, say, Italian. You've never studied a
foreign language in your life and so far, you've taken four classes. You
don't yet understand how sentences should be grammatically structured
(noun first? conjugated verb where?) and now you're beating yourself up
for it. Don't do this. Languages can be difficult to learn. Talking
shit to yourself about how you can't understand something only pumps
caution and doubt into your brain, and learning brains don't need that.