Lifetime Timeline

capturing memories

My boyfriend's sister dies. Then his parents divorce. Then his dad kills himself just minutes after we were the last to see him. My parents divorce. I move elsewhere for the final three months of the school year. I have what I now believe is my first visible symptom of MS: back and leg problems that keep me bedridden for weeks at a time, at the age of 17. Tough year for a high school senior.

I'm married and a parent at the age of 20. Absolutely not what I'd planned.

2021: summer
We remodel our house and at times I wonder if our marriage will survive it. D lands his first job in two years, his first job as a developer. I try to take up sculling with a mad passion while also rediscovering a love of reading. I struggle mightily at work as I try to figure out if I'm bored, not capable enough to do the job, or just in the entirely wrong field. My son moves in with us for his senior year of high school and it's absolutely lovely having him around. Every year I love and appreciate my kids more and more, while regretting all the time I wasted not giving them the attention they deserved. I'm still working on knitting my first beanie, a goal from three years ago. Molly and Cozmo are close to death.

2021: fall
My daughter gets engaged and we celebrate with steak and champagne.
Molly dies and it is absolutely terrible. We have a vet come to the house to make that happen, and it's surreal - Dustin and Joni and Cozmo and I sitting on the floor all around Molly's bed, sobbing and petting her while she takes her last breath. After, we bury Molly in my in-laws' backyard, and every time we visit them, we visit Molly too.
Cozmo blossoms into a new dog and who can blame him? - Molly was definitely his boss and kind of a controlling one, too.

2021: winter
I'm still having an existential crisis at work practically every week as I try to figure out what is causing my discontent. I re-read the Wheel of Time series at a pace of a book a week and enjoy the hell out of it.