Lifetime Timeline

capturing memories before the MS and/or Alzheimers eats them

My boyfriend's sister dies. And then his parents divorce, his dad kills himself, he moves in with my family, and my parents divorce. I have what I now believe is my first visible symptom of MS: back and leg problems that keep me bedridden at the age of 17. (Or it was my body responding in a normal non-disease way to huge amounts of stress and change. Who can say?)

We remodel our house and at times I wonder if our marriage will survive it. D lands his first job in two years, his first job as a developer. I try to take up sculling with a mad passion while I read books with titles like, "How to find your North Star" and "Mindful Self-Compassion". I've also been reading Kate Atkinson's books since March 2020 when I heard of her through Stephen King, and her writing has me wistful. I struggle mightily at work as I try to figure out if I'm bored, not capable enough to do the job, or just in the entirely wrong field. My son moves in with us for his senior year of high school and it's absolutely lovely having him around. Every year I love and appreciate my kids more and more, while regretting all the time I wasted not giving them the attention they deserved. I'm still working on knitting my first beanie, a goal from three years ago. Molly and Cozmo are close to death.