A tip for practicing mindfulness (blog post)

Struggling to stay present in your life, and not dwell on the past or future?
This easy tip can help.

I struggle mightily with being present. I am often analyzing the past to determine how I can improve,
and I am constantly pondering my future so I'm prepared for what's coming next. That leaves little brain space to think about what my life is like now. So I've started doing this super simple thing, and I think it could help you, too. Whenever I start having those thoughts about the past or future, I talk to myself about my life right now. A few examples:

Thought about the past or future Interruptor thought
"If we move away, I might not be close to my kids." "Today, I am close with my kids."
"What if I lose my job and we have no money?" "Today, I have a job and enough money."
"What if our country collapses and we need to emigrate quickly?" "Today, the country is ok and we do not need to emigrate."

(I mentioned I constantly ponder the future, right?)

Practicing mindfulness with the help of interruptor thoughts has been relieving my anxiety and making me feel happier, as I get to remind myself over and over again of the good things I have in my life right now. Give it a try!